Sawyer is a new robot that is set to significantly improve the manufacturing industry. Developed by Boston’s Rethink Robotics, the robot is expected to increase efficiency, safety, and productivity in factories. Sawyer weighs in at 41.9 lbs, stands at 3.3 feet tall, features one arm, and is more flexible than other robots. It was created specifically to perform¬†more detail-oriented tasks, such as circuit board testing and machine tending – jobs previous robots were unable¬†to do. While some may be concerned that these robots will take jobs away from humans, Rethink states that advanced manufacturing jobs are becoming more highly-skilled, and these robots will support, not replace, the workforce. The robot is designed to take on more menial, dangerous, or undesirable jobs. Rethink cofounder Rodney Brooks says, “companies who are buying robots are filling in the tasks they can’t get people to stay and do. They’re using the people they have more positively by using their intelligence.”

Click here to read the full article in Time Magazine.

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