3D printing is an exciting technology that has been around since the 80s, but its potential uses have not been fully-realized until relatively recently. In 3D printing, you start with a design made on 3D software, convert to an STL (stereolithography) file, put it through Slicer software to create layers, and the 3D printer prints those layers. It has been used for many industries and now it is being used with a variety of materials – including ceramics, food, metals, and DNA. Waubonsee Community College’s Computer Aided Design and Drafting program has taught 3D printing since the early 2000s. The technology has been used to print student designs, to meet needs from other departments in the school, and even to print prosthetic hands for children with disabilities. The college has been working with local high schools, providing desktop 3D printers to get students excited about the technology.

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