Harper College has just introduced an exciting new scholarship. The new Promise Scholarship program will provide two years of free tuition at Harper to all Northwest Illinois high school students who agree to meet certain criteria. The scholarship was set up by the college in partnership with area public high schools and local businesses in order to increase performance in high school, give students of all backgrounds access to a college education, and provide a strong new workforce to local businesses, strengthening the community at all levels. Students from Districts 211, 214, and 220 should apply while entering the ninth grade. They must commit to good grades, strong attendance, passing of college preparatory work, and community service work. If students live up to this agreement for their four years in high school, they will become eligible for two tuition-free years at Harper. According to District 214 Superintendent Dr. David Schuler, “providing additional opportunities for students to earn post-secondary access has the potential to transform our community.”

Click here for more information or to apply for the program.

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