Jessie W. asks…

Q: What are the really good-paying welding jobs?

A: According to GoWelding.Org, very good pay goes hand-in-hand with welding jobs that require travel. Welders who travel for a living are called Road Warriors. Some examples are:
• Industrial shutdowns. These welders travel from plant to plant assisting in maintenance and repairs. These shutdowns last from a few days to a few months.
• Ship Building and Repair. Shipbuilders are always hiring welders as independent contractors to fill their job openings. The types of ships range from research vessels to aircraft carriers. Shipyard jobs can last a few weeks to a few years depending on the number of ships.
• Military Support. These jobs are typically run by contractors specializing in building infrastructure and repairing military equipment. Welders who do this type of work can find themselves working near home or faraway places like Afghanistan and Guam.
• On-Board Ship Maintenance and Repair. Cruise ships require welders to keep replacing pipes and doing repairs while at sea. They are paid well, given free room and meals, and see parts of the world they may not have been fortunate to see otherwise.
• Pipe Line Installation. Pipeline welders travel to wherever pipelines are being installed or repaired including remote areas of Canada and Alaska. It often requires living where the pipelines are being installed.
• Motor Sports. Motor sports racing teams hire welders to travel with pit crews. Since most everything on these cars are custom, there is a lot of fabrication and welding.
• Underwater Welding. This is a highly specialized skill that has welders traveling the world going from one job site to another.

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