Roberto G. asks…

Q. My father says I should look into manufacturing apprenticeships. Is this a good career path?

A. Actually, your Dad’s comment is a good one. Working at a firm as an apprentice will most likely expose you to jobs or tasks that you otherwise might not find in a college program. Couple that with a concurrent college curriculum and you will be more versed in that industry when you leave school and therefore more valuable to an employer. Five reasons to participate in an apprenticeship are:
1. Earn while you learn. Get a paycheck for working while you attend classes.
2. Learn from the best. Your mentor will be an employee skilled in the trade of your choice so learn from a master.
3. Job search success. An apprenticeship is usually in a field where there is a high demand. Even though you may leave the employ of your apprenticeship host, the skills learned there will help you secure your next job.
4. Great opportunity. Usually the apprenticeship host will work around your school schedules which will reduce your anxiety of juggling career and education choices.
5. Financial security. Completing the apprenticeship results in a rewarding career and higher earning potential.

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