Leslie H. asks…

Q. In what ways can I increase office productivity?

A. Your office staff can realize productivity gains with upgrades to office machines and software. But at Lovejoy in Downers Grove, IL, a manufacturer of couplings, they have embarked on a mission to increase overall service to customers by implementing Quick Response Manufacturing. It’s a simple concept really, but drill down deeper and their introspection consists of three parts. From Lovejoy News:
1. Be more flexible – Are you cross-trained? Can you fill in for a team member when they are out? Are there smarter ways to accomplish what you are doing?
2. Be more accountable – Own the work going across your desk or work cell…and keep it moving along. Be open to working smarter and to putting in extra hours if required.
3. Demand excellence in yourself and teammates – To become an exceptional stand out organization we must collectively and relentlessly demand that we bring our A games every day.
Good principles to follow, aren’t they? And they apply to all facets of a workplace too. Suggest these to your office Manager at your next meeting.

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