Daryl W. asks…

Q: I received a job offer. How do I know it is the best I can get?

A: Congratulations! But before accepting it, College Central has good recommendations:

Before accepting an offer, find out the average salary currently being paid for similar positions in the same geographic region. Where does the offer rank? Toward the low end? You may be able to negotiate a better deal.
Don’t forget benefits! Benefits included as part of a job offer package can be as important (if not more so) than your take-home pay when it comes to meeting your financial needs. These include various types of insurance coverage you may be eligible for and retirement benefits.
Did you receive the offer in writing? If not, request the offer and all details of the compensation package be provided to you in writing. This is especially important if you are pursuing more than one opportunity. If you receive offers from one or more of your other choice options, the written offer will come in handy when comparing and negotiating offers between employers.
Telling one employer you have received a better offer from another may encourage them to match it, but be careful! Never lie about receiving a better offer when you haven’t. Always assume an employer will ask to see the competing written offer.

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