Jack L. asks…

Q. I hear companies are paying for tuition. Is this true?

A. Yes, some are. Starbucks made headlines last spring when they announced they would pay for college tuition for their employees. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield followed with their own announcements.
Although similar partnerships have operated on a smaller scale in recent years, the number of larger corporations offering these programs is expected to grow, says Deborah Seymour, assistant vice president for education attainment and innovation at the American Council on Education. Society has recognized the link between more education and a stronger workforce—and corporations should reap financial benefits from the retention of well-educated employees, Seymour says.
In my personal experience, however, I have found most manufacturing companies participate in a tuition reimbursement program for their employees. Some have a sliding degree of reimbursement depending on the course grade, some reimburse only for courses associated with the employee’s job. This education support is critical for the employee who desires to move up the career ladder by increasing his value with more skills.
I suggest when interviewing for a job ask the recruiter what kind of tuition reimbursement plan is available. This might be a significant factor when you are considering employment with a company.

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