Terry A. asks…

Q: Why can’t I write my own cover letter when applying for a job?

A: Because of a potential bad first impression. Your cover letter will be the first thing your potential employer will see of your work, even before seeing your resume. Don’t spoil a perfectly-good professional resume by a poorly written cover letter.
It’s a fact that first impressions will strongly influence one’s evaluation of another. Whether it’s meeting a member of the opposite sex, a business associate, a client, or a potential employer or employee, the first impression sets the tone of the meeting. As an employer I would size up a candidate during the first handshake. A poor start would require the candidate to really wow me to overcome the poor first impression. I couldn’t help it! A sloppy appearance would suggest sloppy work. A weak handshake suggested someone with a lack of confidence and personal commitments. An unprofessional resume suggested an unprofessional work attitude. So to maximize the likelihood of a successful interview, maximize the first impression…have a professionally written cover letter.

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