For the most part, the era of walking into a company and filling out an application is over.  Oh sure, this method may have worked for the pizza delivery job you had in high school.  But for skilled jobs the employer wants to see your resume first, evaluate your qualifications, and then invest time in an interview.  The employer may still ask you to complete an application to ensure all the requisite information is gathered but that’s after he has decided to see you. So sell yourself via a professionally-prepared resume!  Now don’t get excited because I’m spending your money. Your school probably has a Career Center of some type with staff trained to help students prepare resumes in the format that employers expect.  Bring your old resume with you to this department and they’ll help you update it and show you how to emphasize your attributes that an employer may appreciate.  Or help you create one from scratch.  Either way, a properly-prepared resume will reflect that you are now a professional applying for a position that you have earned through hard work and sacrifice.  So don’t ruin the opportunity with a poor resume.  And customize it for each job for which you apply.  Modify your Objective to reflect the firm you have targeted.

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