You have probably been coached on what questions may be asked by a potential employer during the interview process. But HR people are increasingly using Behavioral Based Interviews to avoid the “canned” responses of candidates. If Behavioral Based questions are asked you may be caught unprepared. Here are tips given to recruiters by Sales Pro Insider that may get your thinking juices flowing.

Here are 10 behavior based interview questions that your candidates may have never heard before:
1. Please share an example of a new responsibility you were assigned for which you had no experience. How did you approach the situation? What was the outcome?
2. What specifically have you done to improve your performance in the past year?
3. Tell me about a project you initiated. What did you do? Why? What was the outcome? How did you measure success?
4. Tell me about a company policy or rule that you simply don’t agree with. What is the policy or rule? Why do you not agree with it? To what degree have you supported it? What was the result?
5. Uncertainty is constant in organizations. Tell me about a time when you needed to remain supportive and productive during times of uncertainty. What was the situation? How did you address it? What was the outcome?
6. Describe your process for establishing goals. How do you establish them? What is your approach to achieving them? What goals do you have in writing right now? What is the status of each?
7. Share with me an example of when you had an outcome to achieve and you did not have any direction on how to achieve it. What did you do? What was the end result?
8. Tell me about a time when it was necessary to admit to others that you had made a mistake.
9. Describe the last time you had a miscommunication with someone at work. What happened? What information was needed?
10. Please share with me an example of the last concern or objection you heard. What was the specific concern or objection? What is the first thing you responded to? Then what?

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