Joseph Y. asks…

Q: Thanks for addressing my previous question about blueprint reading. What is the likelihood of a good career in welding?

A: Let’s put it this way: Excellent. For example, Cheryl Rose of the Houston Chronicle reports the shortage of welders is acute. Tivo Parras, the Program Coordinator at San Juan Community College which has a robust welding program, said “We need 7,000 trained welders right now in the Gulf Coast region. In welding right now, it’s a bidding war for the top graduates of our program. The pace is going to keep up until we produce enough welders to fill the gap.” He estimated that welders with skills in both GTAW and SMAW can earn between $35-$43/hour.
So I’d say yeah, that’s a pretty good career. I don’t know if Houston’s job market represents the nation’s job market so let’s knock off 10% ($31-$39) and it’s still a darn good wage. I say if you have excellent welding skills then go for it!


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