My last posting discussed attitude preparations for a job. Next, let’s do some things before applying:
• Ensure your resume is created/reviewed by a professional. Aunt Sue’s help was convenient but you have one shot at a job opportunity per employer. To make your best impression, submit a cover letter and resume developed by a professional . I always tell my students “A professional resume connotes a professional applicant.” Free help for students is available at your school.
• Seek interview skill help. You don’t want to stumble through your interview.
• Research your targeted firm and be prepared to talk about the company during your interview.
• Create a professional email address. just won’t do.
• Clean up your social media. Take down your inappropriate photos and remove references about unacceptable behavior like getting drunk or wasted. 75% of employers check Facebook and other media for a glimpse at your personal life. Talk of your recent bust will certainly get you eliminated from consideration for that job.

Okay, now that the above has been completed apply for that job and good luck!

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