If you want a chance to get that dream job you stumbled across while networking with your friends, have a neat and professionally prepared resume to submit to the employer.  Make your best and first contact with the employer a positive experience for them.  It is said that employers or recruiters spend an average of 16 seconds to accept or reject a resume.  When I was an employer, I can attest to the fact that I skimmed resumes and applications for key qualifications.  When a resume passed my scan test, I would take more time and drill down into details like previous job experience, community involvement, and references.  I simply did not have the time to pour over a bunch of resumes.  And poorly written resumes? Rejected immediately.  If the applicant could not take the time to do something right like a resume, what was the likelihood of him doing his job thoroughly?

Use the time when preparing a resume to clearly articulate your objective and personal history.  You may nervously recount this information in an interview but having it presented clearly on the resume may avoid awkward questions.  And remember, as a student you are not only representing yourself in applying for this career but you are also representing the product of what your school can produce.  No pressure, eh?

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