When you have decided to put your education to work and start a career, begin your search close to home.  Your own network may provide opportunities you never thought of investigating.  Your own network?  Yes!  We all have networks.  Think of your relationships with old classmates, instructors, counselors or advisors, employers, club or church friends, fellow students and your parents.  Everyone knows other people in business.  Your task is to discover what industries your friends and their friends might be in and what may be of interest to you.  And don’t forget to create or expand your LinkedIn presence!

Also investigate what companies in your region have employees in similar positions to what you want.  Check the Careers link in their websites to see if any work opportunities exist and if you qualify for them.

Another resource is the web.  I’d stay away from career search engines that do not list the company names for the positions listed.  You want accountability, someone you can contact as a follow-up to a resume submission.  But sites like Indeed, SimplyHired, or even your college’s College Central can provide a lot of job opening information.  Be persistent.

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