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Growing the Future with 3D Printing

August 21, 2015

3D printing could start a revolution in home production. It is a low cost means of creating pieces from a variety of materials, including tools, prototypes, replacement parts, sculptures, toys, […]

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The World’s First 3D Printed Supercar

July 6, 2015

The world’s first 3D printed, high performance automobile was recently unveiled. The car, named the Blade, was developed by Divergent Microfactories and was built with 3D printed parts. It has less […]

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3D Printing and Design Learning Guide

June 30, 2015

As part of their education initiative, MakerBot has released a free guide for 3D printing and design. The guide was written to introduce 3D printing technology to the classroom. 3D […]

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The First National Maker Faire

June 29, 2015

The first National Maker Faire recently took place in Washington DC. The event hosted makers, students, and corporate sponsors from all over the world to see and hear the latest […]

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3D Printing with Metals

June 17, 2015

3D printing has some limitations and is generally used with plastics, but University of Twente has recently found a way to use metal in the process. A research team achieved this […]

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Danville Teacher Discusses Technology

June 8, 2015

Duane Collins was an Industrial Technology teacher at Danville High School. He recently retired but, in this Commercial News article, he discusses some of the changes he has seen in […]

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The Amazing World of 3D Printing

June 3, 2015

Think 3D printing is just about sitting around waiting for your small prototype cog to print? It is that. But it is also much, much more. 3D printing is already being used […]

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