Amber N. asks…

Q: What other jobs can my entry-level CNC Operator lead to?

A: Following your initial hire and orientation, you will be eased into the CNC job you want after your employer believes you are adequately trained, including the training you learned in school and the procedures you learned at work. So you will work in that CNC job for several months until you can demonstrate attitude and aptitude. Attitude that shows you can handle your current responsibilities and you want still more, and aptitude that demonstrates you are capable of handling your assigned tasks efficiently and accurately and you are ready for more responsibility. Only then will your supervisor recommend you be promoted to a next level at the firm.
These new responsibilities, depending on the size of the firm in which you work and job openings, could be any or all of the following:
• CNC Setup,
• CNC Programmer,
• CAD/CAM Programmer,
• CNC Coordinator,
• Tool Maker,
• Mold Maker,
• Tool Designer,
• Quality Engineer,
• Manufacturing Engineer.

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