Marcus L. asks….

Q: I’m finishing a welding certificate in four weeks. How do I get a job?

A: First of all, Congratulations! If this certificate is not the terminus of your educational career, I presume you will continue your education while working. That being said, you need to:
• Make a resume and cover letter. Seek help through your Career Center to have a professionally prepared resume and cover letter to make your first impression with a potential employer your best impression.
• Prepare for an interview by learning what is expected of you. This includes to research target firms, dress appropriately, anticipate interview questions, learn successful interview techniques, and pose thoughtful questions to the interviewer.
• Understand the skills that employers want (decision making, communication, organization, etc.).
• Perform a job search utilizing search tools and by networking.

Get help in all of the above to maximize your chances of securing your targeted job. You can also check my past blogs for more complete discussions of some of the above.


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