Steph L. asks…

Q. What are stackable and portable credentials?

A. Stackable credentials or certificates offer the student a quicker way to an advanced manufacturing job than the traditional 2 to 4 year degree. Earning a basic certificate allows the job seeker entrance to a manufacturing job in as little as 2-3 semesters. Then add another advanced certificate or perhaps a certificate in another, supportive field to enhance your value to your employer. As work and family pressures permit, earning more certificates or completing your degree will round out your education in your chosen field. All this can be achieved while working instead of the traditional method of earning a degree and then searching for a job. And most employers will help fund the additional certificates!

A portable credential is a credential that is accredited and trusted by employers and educational institutions throughout the country. It provides security to the student/employee by assuring that if a job is lost by the firm’s relocation or closing that proof of skill is retained. Earning stackable credentials in an accredited institution is the best way to protect your time and financial investment in your education.

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