Sasha P. asks…

Q. I’m enrolled in a certificate program. Do employers require degrees or can I get a job with a certificate?

A. You certainly can find a job with a certificate or two but if you want a career then I suggest you earn a degree. Demonstration of skills through certificates is not the only thing employers look for. A degree denotes more of a world-view. A degreed employee can indicate professional character, someone able to connect unrelated facts, one who can perform critical-thinking on the fly and use time efficiently. Your starting wage will be higher and, depending on your abilities, you may rise more quickly inside the company.

If you feel that you cannot afford more courses to earn a degree at this time then consider finishing the degree while employed. As I stated in an earlier blog, “I have found most manufacturing companies participate in a tuition reimbursement program for their employees. Some have a sliding degree of reimbursement depending on the course grade, some reimburse only for courses associated with the employee’s job. This education support is critical for the employee who desires to move up the career ladder by increasing his value with more skills.”

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