Here’s an interesting article from CMTC, discussing how to attract those born between the early 80’s and early 2000’s into manufacturing. According to the author, John Anderson, in 14 years all the Baby Boomers will have turned 65 and it will be left to the Millennials to fill all the jobs. Wow. Think of that. Think of all the employment positions in firms that will need replacements during the next 14 years. That means the students entering community colleges now to earn careers will be in important positions of responsibility in little more than 10 years following graduation.
The author also lists the strengths of the Millennials generation as:
• Technology savvy
• Optimistic
• Excel at multi-tasking
• Care about those in need and have the desire of a strong family life.
Having three boys in their late 20s myself, I agree with those traits. So to those in college now or contemplating it, this is a perfect time for you to get into the manufacturing field and get on the career ladder just as fast as you can. High-paying and exciting careers await you in the near future! For more on this topic, see the full article at:

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