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Growing the Future with 3D Printing

August 21, 2015

3D printing could start a revolution in home production. It is a low cost means of creating pieces from a variety of materials, including tools, prototypes, replacement parts, sculptures, toys, and much, much more. The 3D printers are small enough and low cost enough that they could wind up becoming commonplace in the home. Using this method […]

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Autodesk to Offer Free STEM Curriculum Resources

July 13, 2015

Autodesk will soon release its Autodesk Design Academy which will provide resources, projects, and support to students studying design and other STEM-based fields. The program will be available through iTunes U this fall. Autodesk is also releasing its Multi-Touch Book which will provide resources for art and concept sketching. Randy Swearer, VP of Education at […]

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3D Printing and Design Learning Guide

June 30, 2015

As part of their education initiative, MakerBot has released a free guide for 3D printing and design. The guide was written to introduce 3D printing technology to the classroom. 3D printers can be intimidating to those new to them. This learning guide will help to ease both teachers and their classes into the technology. Three […]

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The Amazing World of 3D Printing

June 3, 2015

Think 3D printing is just about sitting around waiting for your small prototype cog to print? It is that. But it is also much, much more. 3D printing is already being used to create some things you would never imagine. How about food, clothing, musical instruments, personalized superhero action figures, and even human skin?

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Contest for Designers to Create Products to Benefit Society

May 28, 2015

Intel and Mouser have joined forces to sponsor the 13th Annual Create the Future Design Contest. The event was created to give an opportunity for engineers and students to create innovative new products that will benefit society and the economy. Categories include Aerospace and Defense, Automotive/Transportation, Consumer Products, Electronics, Machinery/Automation/Robotics, Medical, and Sustainable Technologies. Winners […]

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University of Illinois Students Design Wheelchair and Start New Company

December 12, 2014

A new wheelchair design has been developed by two former U of I students. Seeing an opportunity to provide wheelchair users with more efficient operation, Marissa Siebel and Scott Daigle developed a new design. This wheelchair uses gears similar to a bike to improve mobility and speed. A fellow student, and wheelchair user, Joshua George, was […]

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US Secretary of Commerce in Chicago to Discuss Future of Manufacturing

December 5, 2014

Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker is in Chicago Monday, December 1, to discuss the future of manufacturing. A major part of the discussion will be the new Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute (DMDII) being built on Goose Island. The institute will become a key resource for the development of new ideas and the bringing of those […]

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Morrisville “Hardware Store” Offers Space to Develop New Ideas

November 26, 2014

Bi-Link, a contract manufacturer in Bloomingdale, IL, is offering an interesting new venue for professionals who want to develop new ideas. Their “Hardware Store” is a 2,000 square foot space where design engineers and entrepreneurs can go to work on ideas, tinker, and further develop their designs. This great resource is not intended for hobbyists, […]

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“Simple” Frame Designed for Local Manufacturing

November 11, 2014

Local design group, DesignHouse, created a new aluminum frame to boost manufacturing opportunities for Skol Manufacturing – a metal fabrication shop on Chicago’s Northwest side. The design was developed as part of Chicago Ideas Week. DesignHouse wanted to create something simple that could be quickly designed and produced. The Reveal aluminum frame displays printed digital […]

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